Tuesday, 28 July 2015


We are about to have a very big change here at the Playground: I am going back to paid work. Here in Manhattan.

The last big piece fell into place over the weekend with the arrival of my US work permit.

The other big pieces? A job and daycare. Both of which are sorted, but require a bit more paperwork.

And yes, I had the job lined up before I applied for my work permit. The permits cost a bit of money, so I wasn't going to apply for one without something lined up. Turns out there are two people who would like to employ me based on my CV and a brief chat. Yay me.

I did what was needed to apply for the work permit, sent it off and hoped it would come through. Recently I had been kicking myself for not filling out a contact form so that I might hear about the progress of my application but I realised that too late. Oh well.

Once the permit was in I needed to find a place in a nearby daycare for Jimmy. That came through a week or so ago and we arranged for Jimmy to start at the end of August, or earlier should the permit come through. There was a possibility that Jimmy would start daycare and we would still be waiting on my permit. Did I mention that Jimmy was only on one waitlist?

Yes, it might seem like I went about things in a contrary manner, but since signing the new lease money is tight we weren't prepared to pay for the permit without someone wanting to employ me.We also needed to make sure that Jimmy would be in good hands, either at daycare or with Pop, who was going to come over and look after our little man.

Naturally, I had to work out if it was going to be financially worth me returning to paid work. And it will be. Not by much, at least initially, but hopefully working here will make me more attractive to prospective employers when we return to Australia.

What does this mean for the Playground? Well, mostly it means that I might only manage to maintain the 52 Project for a few weeks while we find our new rhythm. It also means that Michael will be contributing written pieces, not just lovely photos. Who knows, I might manage to write enough posts in the next few weeks that there is no difference here, but if not, well, we'll be finding our new rhythm.


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