Thursday, 9 July 2015

This book!

Oh man, this book... Jimmy and I were at the library, and I had a small collection of books for him, one for me, and a few DVDs, and as we were leaving the children's section I saw this lovely book on a shelf, standing there, just asking to be borrowed, on display because it was new to the library.

Well, with a dust cover as pretty as this I couldn't leave it on the shelf. So I didn't.

At first I thought Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt was going to be a little beyond Jimmy, given that it is not rhyme-y or sing-songy like his all-time favourite books, but I was oh so totally wrong - he loves it, and so do I.

The illustrations are beautiful and playful, the content informative, and for Jimmy it is a good introduction in the notion of gardening, it helps him make sense of the changing seasons (not that it has confused him, but any little bit about changing seasons helps), and it has planted a seed in his mind, so that when we visit Granny and Pop or Grandma he has an understanding of what a veggie garden is - which is the main reason why I picked it up off the shelf, it wasn't just the lovely dust cover.

The content is north American centric, but, for now, that is appropriate. When we are back in Australia, it will be worth finding ourselves a copy because the illustrations really are beautiful.

And most importantly, there are insects on almost every page, making Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt a nice follow on from this book.

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