Saturday, 4 July 2015

Taking stock...

This list keeps popping up on different blogs - it was started by Pip, and it is a lovely list. And after the last week and before the coming week starts - Jimmy is turning 2 - I thought it was time to sit down and take stock. 

making: a beanie for a little boy - he's my winter baby, even if it's summer in Manhattan, KS
cooking: as little as possible because of the heat, although I keep baking, which is almost worse
drinking: tea that arrived today, all the way from Australia
reading: Euphoria by Lily King
wanting: to go home, back to Australia
playing: "where's Jimmy?" with pillows, in the wardrobe, and with the shower curtain
deciding: how to celebrate Jimmy's second birthday
wishing: we were closer to home, so that family and friends in Australia could join in the celebrations
enjoying: the cooler days of summer
waiting: for good news
liking: ice cream and iced coffee
wondering: how my siblings are settling into their new homes
loving: how much Michael and Jimmy enjoy each others company
considering: what kind of cake to make Jimmy for his birthday
pondering: another cup of tea 
watching: Dr Martin
hoping: for some good news
marvelling: at the fireflies 
needing: the random fireworks to stop
questioning: our decision to stay
smelling: sweaty boys, sunscreen, and the pool
wearing: light, loose items, preferably cotton
noticing: the sun setting a little earlier every night
knowing: that time flies when living in the moment
thinking: about the future
sorting: baby clothes because we can't take every item back
buying: very little, although there might be a birthday present for Jimmy
getting: time to read my book
disliking: all the practice fireworks that everyone is setting off in preparation for the 4th of July
opening: packages from Australia
giggling: with Jimmy as we run around
feeling: homesick for Australia, while trying to remember that Jimmy thinks of here as home
snacking: on watermelon, carrot cake, soda bread and marmalade
coveting: new clothes
helping: a little boy learn new things
hearing: fireworks and cicadas
looking: at my son growing up and changing from a baby into a little boy

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