Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Over the weekend we...

Pretended to be mad dogs or Englishmen, and went out in the heat and midday sun. I kid you not, it was hot but so worth it.

Michael had to do something in the lab, so we kept him company, until Jimmy was going to slow and we were in sight of Michael's building and Michael ran ahead. By the time Michael was done, was were at the building.

We stopped by Arrow for Italian sodas and monkey bread to keep us hydrated and fueled for the walk home.

We also stopped for dandelions, squirrels, dirt, and the occasional stick, hat adjustment, and tickle.

Jimmy and Daddy played chasey along the path, mostly to keep Jimmy moving at a reasonable speed so that we could get home before we all melted in the heat. It was over 30C in the shade, but still just pleasant enough.

Somehow we returned home without sunburn or heat stroke. And then we stayed home for the rest of the weekend. Michael did do a quick ride to Dillons for some food, and we did go to the pool, but most of the weekend was spent indoors, avoiding the heat... melting, melting... oh what a world...

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