Friday, 3 July 2015

Cheap thrills: Playdough!

Ok, so yes, all of my previous cheap thrills are meals or other edibles, and yes, this is actually edible playdough. Edible playdough! Not that you'd want to eat it, but Jimmy has a tendency to put everything in his mouth...

I found the recipe here and divided the water, salt, and oil, into four containers. Then I added 15 drops of food colouring to each container, combined the flour and cornstarch, and slowly added enough flour to make the dough.

Somehow I ended up with about one cup of the flour mix left over, but it is fairly dry here in Manhattan, KS, and the finished dough had a good texture so I'm not too worried - I did store the flour mix, just in case. Next time we make playdough, I will probably add a few more drops of food colouring because the colour dulls as the amount of flour increases.

Jimmy kept tearing off chunks and throwing them onto the floor, and he generally seemed to enjoy the playdough. Here's to a summer of mashing playdough when it's too hot or too wet to go outside.

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