Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Over the weekend we...

Bought Jimmy some new-to-him shoes, because the ones I bought a few weeks ago were actually already a little small, and I'm fairly certain that he's had a growth spurt.

We visited our favourite op thrift shops, hoping to find something suitable: size 7 sandals, in any colour.

Our first stop resulted in no shoes for Jimmy, but I found a dress and Michael found a cool little puzzle. We walked through Dillards (the one here reminds me of the Toowong David Jones store), poked our heads into GapKids to see what was within our price range (nothing, once we factored in tax, although I'd love to get Jimmy these).

We stopped for coffee at Sparrow before making for our other favourite op thrift shop. Actually, I think it is actually our preferred one, only because it is closer to the bus stop. And there they were...

Where last week there were none, this week there was one pair of sandals that were bigger than a size 6. That they are blue is just an added bonus, because blue goes with pretty much anything.

Actually, these sandals are size 8. That's right. Size 8.

Yes, the sandals are big, but that's ok because Jimmy hasn't tripped in them (yet). Plus, he's fond of them already, although that might have something to do with them being the roomiest shoes he owns.

Here's to summer and a growing little boy.

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