Saturday, 27 June 2015

Quick reads...

We've been feeling the heat the last few days. The weather calls for light, cotton clothes, and two hats in some cases! And while there has been a cooler day or two in the mix, it's still hot. Jimmy and I have been stuck inside for what feels like days, no thanks to my knee - which is getting better - but we'll make the most of the cooler day and head to the nearby park.

Happy weekend!

The 9 best ice cream shops in Kansas.

A very pretty and creative work studio.

My heart goes out to those suffering from the heatwave in Pakistan.

9 ways sleep deprivation can damage your life.

Quite the amazing placenta.

Did Watson and Crick really steal Franklin's work?

For all the mums heading to the beach or pool.

One of the best pieces on breastfeeding and following baby's lead I've read in a long time.

And last breastfeeding item: these photos are stunning!

Taylor Swift for the win.

A fun eye test.

Arrow have their own website!

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