Friday, 19 June 2015

Jimmy's first real haircut...

My beautiful, scruffy boy... His first haircut wasn't a proper one... And Daddy has been keen to remove the rest of the curls and scruff ever since. Me? I love those soft baby curls, the hair that is baby soft because it has never known scissors, all that hair that has appeared in the last 12 months.

Oh that hair! But I agreed that it was time. So the other evening, between our late afternoon swim and dinner, Michael and I went about the task of cutting Jimmy's hair.

We used the balcony because it would be easier to clean up the hairs, and strapped Jimmy into his highchair, used an old swaddle and some bulldog clips to cover him, and chocolate and raspberries to keep him happy.

Michael insisted on cutting Jimmy's hair, and as I had done the very, very first cuts, it was only fair that I stepped back and picked up the camera.

I suggested to Michael that he cut the hair around Jimmy's ears first, because it's recommended by the professionals (and it rings true to me after years of cutting the family dog's hair), and Michael did follow that suggestion. He ditched the comb pretty quickly... It was my suggestion to use it... But that comb is no good for helping with haircuts.

Jimmy was happy so long as he had raspberries or chocolate to eat and quickly prompted me for more treats when he had finished his last mouthful.

Those curls are gone... I was really enjoying those curls...

Once he had cut most of Jimmy's hair, Michael asked me to cut Jimmy's fringe and I may have done a little trimming as quickly as I could. There wasn't much hair to cut a fringe... Now there's even less.

That's Jimmy's "more chocolate" face on the left, and because I wanted to do one last trim around his ears Jimmy received his chocolate. See right for Jimmy's "hmmmm chocolate" face.

Done! I don't know how long it actually took us to cut Jimmy's hair, but I do know that he ate a lot of chocolate for a little boy, plus a lot of raspberries, followed by a fair amount of pasta for dinner.

The next day, Jimmy's haircut looked a little more Jimmy-esk, a little more scruffy, but a cleancut version. As sad as I am that the baby curls are gone, I do like the new haircut. Jimmy seems to like it too. How about you?

All photos taken by myself or Michael.

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