Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Over the weekend we...

Didn't get up to much over the weekend. It didn't rain, even though a storm passed just to the north of Manhattan in the very early hours of Saturday morning - so Saturday involved catching up on some rest and sleep.

We spent a few hours at the pool over the course of the two days - it's been hot, and humid after a few weeks of rain and storms, and the pool provides a nice escape, even if the concrete is very hot.

Everything is green beyond belief. For this Queenslander, it feels like we're living in an irrigated field, only green is the default for this time of year. The number of storms we've had in the last few weeks are not normal, once every 10 or so years according to one local.

There may have been a close-call with the sourdough starter. I was prepared to let it go, but Michael's response said it all "What?! And eat marshmallow [bread]?" and so, it has been saved and I am amazed at what can come from less than half a teaspoon of starter.

I spent a little time fixing my favourite backpack, although I didn't end up using the fabric. The time was well worth it, because I'm not ready to replace my Deuter Act Trail yet - it's starting to develop that lovely smell of old tents (and mildew) and at eight years old, it's still looking good.

The best thing to happen all weekend is getting its own post, so stay tuned.

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